Church in a Bike Shop

 Working towards the restoration of people and place alongside the restoration of bikes

Restoration Hamilton is a gathering of Christians that meet regularly in a charitable bike shop. We began praying about new ways to create community, partner with others, and make disciples in 2014, in 2016 we launched our first Shop Talk. Today, we draft with Jesus in Meet Ups, Restoration Groups, Church in the Shop, various rides and service projects and our monthly community gathering called shop Talks.
Below are upcoming public Ministry Events, Shop Talks, and Rides
  1. Shop Talk
    Friday Nov 17th
    Come talk Shop of the Human heart, we eat, share music, tell story, and discuss. This month we ask "Does God Care about housing?" #restorationworthcelebrating
  2. Church@theShop
    Friday's @ 7PM
    It's church... at a bike shop... what else can we say?
  3. Restoration Groups
    Restoration Groups continue throughout the year. Please call or email for details. Each group is on mission to be more than just a Friday night church.

Tandem Partnership

New Hope Community Bikes has opened its doors to Restoration Hamilton. First by allowing us full access to the shop (after hours) to develop and care for the emerging Christian community; and secondly by inviting a pastor to volunteer in the shop in order to meet a need for disciplship.
Want To Know More?
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send us a message.