About Us

Restoration Hamilton

Restoration Hamilton began with a group of cyclists in east Hamilton. In 2014 this group started to dream about ways to create greater community and more opportunities for mentorship among cyclists and their friends. In 2015 Restoration Hamilton launched Shop Talks .
It is the vision of Restoration Hamilton is to see the restoration of people and place alongside the restoration of bikes. And the mission to equip bike mechanics and customers to be people mechanics and disciples. Our hope is to use New Hope Community Bikes as a launching point to discuss God's restoration plan in culture and in people; moving beyond bikes to the restoration of the human life.

In mid 2015 Send Toronto, the Hamilton Fellowships and New Hope Church partnered with Restoration Hamilton to send them out to make disciples. It was then that we mobilized our pastor to develop our vision frame, start Restoration Groups, plan Meets Ups, develop leaders, and lead Church in the Shop every friday night @ 7pm

We Value B.I.K.E.R.S.

B.old Prayer - We like to pray with specific intention and expect God to lead us into restoration.
I.ncarnational Friendship - We like to make friends that others often forget, compassionately engaging with them in life through authentic relationship.
K.ingom Cooperation - We like each unique gathering of God's people and value their participation with us and alongside us as we serve the one and only God.
E.ducation (biblical narrative) - We like the unfailing accuracy and reliability of God's word found in the biblical story.  We recognize that by God's grace we teach and equip people to grow in their faith as we immerse ourselves in His revelation.
R.est and Recreation - We like to enjoy the world and bodies God has given us and rest in His presence in various ways.
S.ong & Celebration - We like to worship and celebrate the worthiness of God, praising Him for what He has done in our lives and how we have been transformed by His Grace.


Chandler and Maria

Chandler is a Pastor at heart. He has completed a B.A in Youth Ministry as well as a Master of Divinity. Chandler has 8 years of paid and unpaid pastoral experiences but has also worked in the hospitality and business sectors. These experiences and passions have lead him to dream of merging the marketplace atmosphere of the postmodern business world with the kingdom focus of Jesus’ church. Chandler believes the strength of a partnership between a storefront and a church are; reduced facility costs for the worshiping community and increased daily people traffic. Through this type of medium Chandler believes that both intentional and organic ministry will readily occur. Chandler envisions a Church that facilitates an already existing community’s ability to see what God is doing and then helps that same community celebrate and cultivate the results of those actions and realizations. Chandler is supported and challenged by the loving Spirit of his wife and fellow ambassidor of Jesus...Maria.  Maria is a Marriage and Family Therapist and gifted in pastoral care and counselling.


Andrew is one who likes to get his hands dirty, fixing bikes is what he loves. Andrew sees direct parallels between restoring bicycles and the redemptive work of God through Jesus’ death and resurrection. New Hope Community Bikes has been the perfect intersection where Andrew’s desire to care for creation and his desire to tangibly live out his theological training meet. Andrew has built strong community relationships over the four years he has been at NHCB and is excited about the opportunity to formally expand these relationships beyond bikes; to the deeper theological convictions that drive what NHCB does. Together, Andrew and Chandler have dreamed of pastoring the community of NHCB; making disciples and worshiping with them at NHCB.

Luis and Editha

Luis and Edith are behind the very first suggestion to worship in the bike Shop. God has laid on their hearts a passion for the neighbourhood and the kingdom of God. Together they lead worship events city wide and invest in authentic relationships that move consistently forward to the person of Jesus.


Sarah has been with us since the beginning and serves diligently and consistently as we work towards God's calling. Her testimony has been of great impact on our community. Sarah is always willing to rise to a new challenge and has responded faithfully to a this mission of compassion and servant hood at the shop. She is skilled in many areas and is absolutely committed to our prayer efforts.


God has invested in Shaun in almost too many areas to count. He works hard at all that he does. He has been faithful with a little and therefore God has given him a lot. He is the go to guy for any tech or design issues, but also serves faithfully on our Restoration Band and keeps us focused and organized in almost all areas. He is just a straight up great guy and someone you can count on for anything.

CCarlos & Grace

Grace and Carlos are missionaries at heart. They discern very quickly what people need and desire to meet those needs at the cost of their own self. They are truly made in God's Image. They come with the experience of many years in missions and discipleship and are committed to the spread of the kingdom. They care deeply for everyone they meet and can often be found helping random strangers find their way in airports, bus stations and tourist stops.


The Restoration Team believes that with just a small amount of facilitation by the right people that NHCB can be encouraged to not only restore bikes but restore people. Like Jesus made fishermen into fisher’s of men, we want to make bike mechanics into people mechanics. Our Team believes that the investment people have in restoring bikes is an avenue to talk to them about the full restoration project available in Jesus and the Gospel story. We don't want to only tell people “go to church” to find out what the Gospel is, but want to create a professional and intentional environment right at NHCB that can provide for people’s holistic spiritual development and community needs.


Restoration Hamilton is a mission (working towards independant charitable status) of Toronto Church Planting under the Canadian National Baptist Convention. We have been sent by our good friends the Hamilton Fellowships because of the SEND Network Stratagy.


New Hope Community Bikes is a learning hub for building and repairing bikes, offering safe cycling education, providing access to affordable transportation, and fostering a rich and inclusive cycling community.
Thank you to New Hope Church for becoming our first ever partner in this new way of working towards the restoration of people and place alongside the restoration of bikes.