Shop Talks
Shop Talks is a monthly Friday evening celebration held at New Hope Community Bikes. It is a time to talk shop of the human life. Come for the party where there will be food, music, a story of restoration, and friends. All are welcome, as Shop Talks will be a transparent and unique place to ask questions about God and the world He is restoring. We believe God is into restoring people and culture just like New Hope Community Bikes is into restoring bikes. Join us Monthly on Friday’s @ 7 as we discover more of what that’s all about in a atmosphere that is not like your common church setting. #restorationworthcelebrating
Church in the Shop
Friday nights are our Sunday morning. We gather to do what God called us to do from the start....Pray. Anything worth praying about is worth praying about twice. Prayer fills most of the meeting but we also equip, encourage, study, train, pray, worship and fellowship with popcorn and hot chocolate.
Meet Ups
We believe that attaching a pastor to the institution of New Hope Community Bikes, with the main purpose of exploring mentorship and offering pastoral support to those who come in and out of the doors will help address a demand that already exists for more one to one mentorship/discipleship alongside the restoration of bikes. We hope to invite many to talk shop of the human heart. This will occur spontaneously in the shop but also regularly and intentionally through the development of one to ones, small groups, prayer meetings, and Shop Talks.
Inbound Mission Trips
Restoration Hamilton serves God’s Kingdom in Hamilton by actively serving at the not for profit bike shop New Hope Community Bikes . We do this daily and in doing so are available for any organization to plan short term or long term trips centered around serving the bike community, helping with their mechanical needs and taking part in other Restoration Hamilton endeavours. Our hope is that we can bless New Hope Community Bikes by inviting missions teams to help with various projects at the shop and be blessed by seeing all that God does through the shop daily.
Restoration Hamilton provides guided opportunities to do practical ministry. Serve at New Hope Community Bikes and develop pastoral skills with Restoration Hamilton. Volunteer as your particular school requires and as New Hope employees and/or the Restoration Hamilton Pastor guides your learning  experience. These internships are a way to multiply other ministry leaders. 
Cycle Service
Each garbage day in Hamilton recyclers gather at various beer stores to exchange collected bottles for cash. Many of these recyclers use a bike as their primary mode of transportation. Restoration Hamilton has helped develop the vision of Ben Robinson as he volunteers his time to serve the needs of these cyclists. Currently the Hamilton Fellowships offer sandwiches to these collectors on Mondays at the Dundurn Beer Store. In June 2015 Restoration Hamilton joined the Fellowships with one of New Hope Community Bike's mobile bike stations as a way to serve and reach this often forgotten segment of Hamilton. Restoration Hamilton sees the potential of this vision as a five day a week act of service as we follow collectors from one beer store to the next along the Hamilton garbage routes.
Restoration Groups
Our plan for growth and training starts at home. We believe that as we develope leaders and train people to follow Jesus that we will see new Restoration groups emerg. Some Home Groups will even evolve into Church start ups themselves. Today we have three Restoration Groups. One that is studying Romans, one that is riding through the Bible using a curiculum called the Bible Project (Check it out... it's free on youtube) and one for women only.